Before being called to the Hong Kong Bar, Philip was at Eversheds LLP in London for 4 years in the Financial Institutions Department and specialised in advice on investment funds. Prior to that, Philip was at Linklaters LLP in London for 4 years.

Philip is a general practitioner with an emphasis on civil litigation. His experience spans over a broad spectrum of civil practice, including: contract, commercial, corporate, defamation, securities regulations, land, matrimonial, probate and trusts.

Philip has appeared as an advocate in most levels of court, including the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance, the District Court, the Family Court, the Lands Tribunal and the Magistrates’ Courts.


Years of call: 2014


LLB (Honours): King’s College, University of London

PCLL: City University of Hong Kong

LPC: The College of Law of England and Wales



The People’s Insurance Company of China (HK) Ltd v Chan Koi Yuk DCCJ 2790/2013: insurance policy dispute.

AIM Global Holdings Ltd & Others v Rising Dragon Global Ltd & Another HCA 2217/2014: misrepresentation and dispute on the award of shares.

Arnold Roberts Ltd v Glorious Motors Ltd HCA 950/2014: contractual dispute.

To Yu Hang v National Arts Entertainment Ltd HCA 1262/2014: dispute between a movie artist his management company.

Yang Angela v AXA Wealth Management Ltd & Others HCA 2016/2014: insurance policy dispute.

Cybervision Technology Ltd v Cassius Group Ltd DCCJ 3620 of 2014 contractual dispute.

Wah Ha Construction Engineering Ltd v Smart Goal Construction Engineering Ltd DCCJ 4544/2014: building construction dispute.

Lai Wah v Yuen Hung Fung HCA 1717/2016: dispute between real estate investors.

AC Glory Marketing Company Ltd v PureMed Medical Centre Ltd DCCJ 1747/2016: contractual dispute.

To Yu Hang v East Captial Production Limited HCA 1308/2017 (and East Captial Production Limited v To Yu Hang HCA 1310/2017): dispute between a movie artist his management company.

Ah Or Kee Construction Engineering Co. v Profield Construction Engineering Ltd DCCJ 1518/2017: building construction dispute.


Kinnex International Ltd v Kingpin Trading Ltd DCCJ 1546 of 2012: commercial dispute.

Ocean Line HK Company Ltd v Natural Lot Lrd & Another DCCJ 4259/2014: commercial dispute.

Perfect Beauty Consultants Ltd v Perfect Medi Consultants Ltd HCA 1263/2014: commercial dispute.

To Kwok Yan King & Others v Wong Chung Man HCA 2812/2016: commercial dispute.

Wong Man Shi v Li Yiu Wing Alvin HCA373/2018: commercial dispute.


Siu Kwok Kwan v Sky Fame International Ltd HCA 643/2013: shareholders’ dispute.

FX Hotels Management Ltd v Ho Alvin Tzuen Chung & Others HCA 1701/2017: hareholders’ dispute.


Siu Shu Ching & Others v Siu Kwok Cheung & Another HCA 1641/2013: adverse possession of land in the New Territories.

Chan Ching Chiu v Chow Kam Man HCA 740/2014: dispute between investors in the development of village type houses in the New Territories.

Cheung Yee Shan v Tam Chi Fai & Another HCA 1203/2015: dispute between investors in the development of village type houses in the New Territories.

Man Yuk Lau v Chiu Suk Chu DCCJ 5309/2015: repossession of land in the New Territories.

Cheng Pan & Another v Yau Lai Wah HCA 376/2015: nuisance caused by leakage of water.

Chow Kam Man v Cheung Wai Kuen HCA 851/2015: dispute between landlord and tenant.

Ma Tor Fuk v Wong Kwok Wah DCCJ 2183/2015: nuisance caused by leakage of water.

Au Yeung Pui Chun v Cheng Wing Sang HCA 2343/2015: resulting trust.

Hangi Property Management Company Ltd v The IO of Yen Lok Building: dispute between the building management company and the incorporated owners.

Progressive Property Management Company Ltd v South Ocean Silicone Rubber Induestial Holding Ltd LDBM 177/2015 & LDBM 180/2015: dispute between the landlord and the building management company.

Pang Kai On v Liu Chu Pui DCCJ 2116/2016: adverse possession of land in the New Territories.

Cheng Pan v Chan Cheong Shun DCCJ 2849/2016: nuisance caused by leakage of water.

Choice Glory Ltd v Royal Victor Investment Ltd HCA 1320 of 2017: dispute between landlord and tenant.

Wong Kam Tai & Another v Yeung Ying & Other DCCJ 3716/2017: nuisance caused by leakage of water.

Chan Ming Kit Henry v Ip Po Kan Ive DCCJ 3785/2017: express/resulting trust.

Tang Wai Man v Tang Pik Yee & Others HCMP 229/2018: order for sale.