Kai-Man Chong

Kai-Man Chong

practice profile

Born and brought up in Hong Kong. Completed his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Laws with the London University. Called to the English Bar in Trinity Terms in 1978 and worked as an Assistant Crown Counsel with the then Legal Department until 1981 when he was called to the Hong Kong Bar. Since then Mr Chong has been practising in civil advisory and litigations. His expertise being land and land-related litigations, tsos, Tong’s and Chinese Law and customs concerning land.

Professional Working Experience

1979-1981, Assistant Crown Counsel with the then Legal Department in its Prosecution and Civil Advisory Divisions. Since 1981, practicing as a member of the private Bar specialized in civil litigation and advice. The main area of practice being commercial litigation and advice, admiralty works, litigation and advice in Ching Law affecting interest in land in the New Territories.


  • 1977  -  Bachelor of Laws, University of London
    1979  -  Master of Laws, University of London (English Maritime Law, Carriages of Goods by Seas, Marine Insurance and Insurance)

professional qualification

  • 1978  -  called to the Bar of England and Wales at the Trinity Terms, 1978
    1995  -  called to the Singaporean Bar in 1995